Dan Aum interviews Ashley J. Tellis, Alison Szalwinski, and Michael Wills, co-editors of Strategic Asia 2019: China’s Expanding Strategic Ambitions, the latest volume in the Strategic Asia series. They discuss how China seeks to reshape the international system to serve its strategic aims, regional actors and the variables they present to China’s rise, and policy options for the United States and its partners to address the challenges posed by a rising China.

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Ashley J. Tellis is a counselor at NBR. He holds the Tata Chair for Strategic Affairs and is a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. He has served as the research director of the Strategic Asia program at NBR and a co-editor of the program’s annual volume since 2004.

Alison Szalwinski is senior director of political and security affairs at NBR.

Michael Wills is the executive vce president at NBR.

This podcast is part of the Strategic Asia Program by the National Bureau of Asian Research.