Table of Contents

ASAT anti-satellite (weapons)
EPAA European Phased Adaptive Approach
GBI(s) Ground-Based Interceptor(s)
GMD Ground-based Midcourse Defense
ICBM(s) intercontinental ballistic missile(s)
IRBM(s) intermediate-range ballistic missile(s)
LACM(s) land-attack cruise missile(s)
MDR Missile Defense Review report
MIRV(s) multiple independent reentry vehicle(s)
MRBM(s) medium-range ballistic missile(s)
NFU no first use (of nuclear weapons)
NPR Nuclear Posture Review report
PLA People’s Liberation Army
ROK Republic of Korea
SLBM(s) submarine-launched ballistic missile(s)
SRBM(s) short-range ballistic missile(s)
SSBN ship submersible ballistic nuclear (nuclear ballistic missile submarine)
THAAD Terminal High Altitude Area Defense