Last year’s Mamallapuram summit between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi suggested the historically tense China-India relationship was warming considerably. 2020, however, has been a markedly difficult year for the two countries. The ongoing Himalayan border conflict has plunged bilateral ties into crisis, and New Delhi has taken steps to limit Chinese investment into India and banned hundreds of Chinese mobile applications. While the border situation has stabilized over the past couple months, the future of China-India relations remains uncertain. What has driven the relationship’s deterioration, and is there any chance the two countries can get back on track?
Just over a year since Xi and Modi’s last meeting, scholars will discuss the trajectory of China-India ties and provide recommendations to improve the relationship between Asia’s two largest countries. 
This panel is the second of the Carnegie Global Dialogue Series 2020-2021 and will also be recorded and published as a China in the World podcast.