Annual Report
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Letter From the Chair

At a time when cynicism can overwhelm, our global network has come together to think affirmatively about how best to shape the powerful forces redefining our world.

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Letter From the President

Carnegie’s independence and global reach give it a unique perspective and a singular ability to generate innovative analysis and ideas—and then mobilize actors across sectors, regions, and political camps to translate those ideas into actions that advance international peace.

A New Strategy for a New Age

In an increasingly crowded, chaotic, and contested world and marketplace of ideas, Carnegie aspires to offer decisionmakers global, independent, and strategic insight and innovative ideas that advance international peace.

Making an Impact

Carnegie’s global network seeks to inject local realities and perspectives into policy debate and design; prevent and mitigate collisions of global consequence; bridge the gap between the pace of technological, political, and economic transformations and the global policy response; and invest in the next generation of thought leaders in international affairs.

Philanthropy for Peace

In 1910, Andrew Carnegie made a $10 million investment in international peace. Today, that investment has translated into a global network of independent, diverse thinkers and practitioners working together to address the global challenges of our time. His generosity has also inspired the support of numerous individuals, foundations, corporations, and governments around the world, seized by the opportunity to bend the arc of history in a more peaceful direction.

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