The Carnegie Middle East Center welcomed back Amr Hamzawy on his first trip to Lebanon since his move to Egypt to take part in the 2011 Revolution. Hamzawy assessed the changing nature of the nation-state in Egypt and the Levant during the last four years. Al-Hayat’s Hazem al-Amin joined the discussion. The two examined the challenges facing democracy, development, and security in the region, and assessed ways to combat terrorism and radicalization. Carnegie’s Lina Khatib moderated.

Hazem al-Amin 

Hazem al-Amin is a political analyst and an investigative reporter and journalist for Al-Hayat newspaper, with a focus on radical Islamic groups in the Middle East. Previously, al-Amin was a field reporter, covering the wars in Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Gaza.

Amr Hamzawy 

Amr Hamzawy is a professor of political science at Cairo University and a professor of public policy at the American University in Cairo. He is also the president of the Freedom Egypt Party and a member of the National Council for Human Rights. Previously, Hamzawy was a member of the Egyptian Parliament and a research director and senior associate at the Carnegie Middle East Center. 

Lina Khatib 

Lina Khatib is director of the Carnegie Middle East Center in Beirut. Previously, she was the co-founding head of the Program on Arab Reform and Democracy at Stanford University’s Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law.