Deborah Gordon, Adam Brandt, Joule Bergerson, and Jonathan Koomey participated in a Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ to discuss the Oil-Climate Index (OCI), a first-of-its-kind tool that analyzes the overall climate impacts of different oils from extraction to refining to combustion. The OCI research team took questions from Reddit users about their methodology, their results, and future prospects for the OCI. The team also discussed interesting variations in different oils’ climate impacts, which are not sufficiently considered by policymakers or priced into the market. 

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Deborah Gordon

Deborah Gordon is director of Carnegie’s Energy and Climate Program, where her research focuses on oil and climate change issues in North America and globally.

Adam Brandt

Adam Brandt is an assistant professor at Stanford University. He is interested in reducing the environmental impacts of energy systems.

Joule Bergerson

Joule Bergerson is an assistant professor at the University of Calgary. Her primary research interests are systems-level analysis for policy and decision making of energy system investment and management.

Jonathan Koomey

Jonathan Koomey is a researcher, author, lecturer, and entrepreneur whose work spans climate solutions, critical thinking skills, and the energy and environmental effects of information technology.