The Syrian conflict is not yet over, but it appears to have entered its final phase. Though Syrian President Bashar al-Assad seems set on maintaining power, significant shifts in U.S. and Turkish policies may help produce a negotiated outcome for the war weary country.

How will Syria’s military conflict and the ongoing diplomatic efforts in Geneva and Astana develop over the next year? What does a political outcome that leaves Assad in power mean for stability, genuine national reconciliation, and the Kurdish issue in Syria? What are the prospects for the Syrian opposition should the armed conflict cease? Malik al-Abdeh, Sultan Barakat and Yezid Sayigh addressed these questions in a panel discussion. Carnegie’s Mohanad Hage Ali moderated.


Malik al-Abdeh is a consultant for the Humanitarian Dialogue Center.

Sultan Barakat is the director of the Centre for Conflict and Humanitarian Studies at the Doha Institute.

Yezid Sayigh is a senior fellow at the Carnegie Middle East Center.


Mohanad Hage Ali is the director of communications at the Carnegie Middle East Center.