With the current turn of events in Syria and Iraq, the disintegration of the self-proclaimed Islamic State, at least in its current form, appears imminent. What are its members’ prospects on the social and psychological levels? What does de-radicalization mean in this context and are there lessons that can be gleaned from previous conflicts?

The Carnegie Middle East Center held a panel discussion with Hazem al-Amin and Joseph el-Khoury. The speakers presented an overview of the de-radicalization theory, documented experiences, evidence of various techniques, and their potential application in the case of jihadi organizations and the Syrian civil war.


Hazem al-Amin is a Lebanese writer and a journalist at al-Hayat.

Joseph el-Khoury is assistant professor of clinical psychiatry at the American University of Beirut.


Maha Yahya is the director of the Carnegie Middle East Center.