Recent high-profile cyberattacks targeting financial institutions have exposed the vulnerability of the global financial system to hackers. While the attackers have traditionally been profit-driven non-state actors, there is a growing number of state-sponsored cyberattacks—a new and significant risk to the financial system. What can the U.S. government and financial institutions do to better protect against these threats? What roles do U.S. Cyber Command, the intelligence community, and the private sector play in confronting this threat?

Carnegie’s Cyber Policy Initiative hosted a discussion exploring the growing cyber threat to the financial sector and its implications for national security.

Chris Inglis

Chris Inglis is a managing director at Paladin. He is the former deputy director at the National Security Agency.

Siobhan MacDermott

Siobhan MacDermott is senior vice president and the global cyber public policy executive at Bank of America.

Erica Borghard

Erica Borghard is a Council on Foreign Relations international affairs fellow and a research fellow at the Army Cyber Institute at the United States Military Academy.


Tim Maurer

Tim Maurer is the co-director of the Cyber Policy Initiative and a fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.