As Tunisia moves closer to the 2019 parliamentary and presidential elections, the level of trust people have in the government and the electoral system is at a low point. The country’s political parties must find a way to connect with the public to both win votes and restore faith in Tunisia’s democratic institutions.

Sarah Yerkes was joined by Patricia Karam, Asma Ghribi, and Sharan Grewal to discuss the findings from a new paper, “Tunisia’s Political System: From Stagnation to Competition” that examines these issues.


Patricia Karam

Patricia Karam is the regional director of the Middle East North Africa Division at the International Republican Institute (IRI). 

Asma Ghribi

Asma Ghribi is a former journalist who currently works for a DC-based human rights and democracy organization. 

Sharan Grewal

Sharan Grewal is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Brookings Institution.

Sarah Yerkes

Sarah Yerkes is a fellow in Carnegie’s Middle East Program.