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Against the backdrop of the Ukraine crisis, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s first post-pandemic visit to China is of major significance. Sino-Russian relations have flourished in recent years, with Putin and Chinese leader Xi Jinping presiding over a rapid expansion of military, economic, financial, and technological ties.

  • Will the escalation of the war in Ukraine drive Beijing and Moscow even closer together?
  • Is Beijing prepared to provide financial assistance to Moscow and to expand cooperation in the energy realm that might help the Russian economy withstand the pain of Western sanctions?
  • Would such cooperation further tilt the balance in Beijing’s favor, given the increasingly asymmetrical nature of the Sino-Russian relationship?

Join Erica Downs, Evan Feigenbaum, and Alexander Gabuev as they decode the upcoming Putin-Xi summit and assess the future trajectory of Sino-Russian relations. Andrew S. Weiss will moderate.