In the prelude to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, intelligence played a critical role in exposing Vladimir Putin’s intentions to the world. Since then, NATO has expanded and doubled down on its efforts to counter Russia, all while keeping its eyes to the east on China. Meanwhile, old challenges persist in the Middle East—talks to revive the Iran nuclear deal have reached an impasse and their appears little prospect for a breakthrough, and Biden soon heads off on his first trip to the Middle East to mend a precarious relationship with Saudi Arabia. U.S. intelligence will play a key role in decisionmaking as policymakers navigate these tricky challenges, but what does the Intelligence Community get right and wrong? And how might that impact the path forward?

Join Aaron David Miller and General James Clapper, who was the fourth and longest-serving director of national intelligence, as they discuss today’s critical foreign policy challenges and the role of U.S. intelligence in policymaking.