This event focuses on the digital transformation of Japan in an era of global cloud computing, with participants from Japanese government, business, and thought leaders, presented by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and Asia Program Senior Fellow Kenji Kushida as part of the Japan-Silicon Innovation Initiative@Carnegie. The event took place in Japanese, and the videos have English subtitles.


The Essence of Digital Transformation (DX) and Silicon Valley-Style Value Creation: Toward a Future Vision of the Cloud Era

Kenji Kushida, Senior Fellow, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

In this keynote speech, Kenji Kushida discusses the importance of creating new values through digital transformation, highlighting how Silicon Valley has adopted core processes of digital organization and user-first perspectives. He emphasizes the importance for Japan to understand the global cloud system created and managed by Silicon Valley, and the necessity of developing plans for the near future through understanding the current pain points of customers.

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Growing on the Cloud

Akinobu Fuji, Executive Officer, Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting
Nobu Kunimoto, Representative Director, Deloitte Tohmatsu Web Service Co.

This presentation discusses the growth of Japan’s cloud computing sector and its impact on Japan’s economy through improving IT infrastructure performance and optimizing resource allocation. Participants also discuss roadmaps to maximize the potential of cloud computing capabilities, with a focus on implementation strategies, cost optimization, cloud offloading strategies, and security. Finally, they discuss how cloud service providers’ investments contribute to the broader Japanese society, such as the education sector and decarbonization.

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Fact-finding Survey on Information System Procurement in Government Offices

Naohiko Komuro, Coordinating Section Manager, Japan Fair Trade Commission

This presentation summarizes a February 2022 report on the situation of procurement of information system in Japanese government offices, which aimed to examine long-term exclusive relationships that are often formed between specific government agencies and specific IT vendors, and sheds light on optimal procurement systems.

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International discussions surrounding cloud services and Suggestions for Japan’s Competition Policy

Tatsuya Tsunoda, Nishimura & Asahi Law Office

Mr. Tsunoda, a lawyer specializing in competition and antitrust law, examines analysis on cloud services conducted in the United States and the EU, and the implications for Japan’s competition policy, such as the importance of analyzing the distinctive dynamism of the market and competition environment of clouds services, ensuring well-balanced discussions based on comprehensive analyses, and increasing positive collaboration with policies and regulations in different areas.

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Digital Transformation in Business Communication between Japan and the World

Rie Yamamoto, CEO, EventHub Co.

Ms. Yamamoto discusses the impact of digital translation in business communication, including how it enables companies to routinely engage in marketing communications regardless of physical distance, overcome language barriers, and create new collaborations and businesses partnerships. 

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Cloud utilization Status and Future Prospects at Sony Bank

Tatsuya Fukushima, Executive Officer, Sony Bank, Ltd.

This presentation introduces how Sony Bank is utilizing cloud computing services, summarizes approaches it has taken to address relevant system risks and information security challenges, and discusses the next-version core banking systems that it is currently developing with the goal of starting operations in 2023.

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Digitally Transforming Japan: creating value in the cloud era

Kenji Kushida (Moderator)
Tatsuya Kurosaka, CEO, Kuwadate Ltd, Specially Appointed Associate Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University
Naomi Koshi, Attorney, Miura Law Office, CEO, OnBoard Co., Ltd
Ryo Okubo, President and CEO, Rehab for JAPAN Co., Ltd

Panelists share their perspectives on promoting digital transformation in various fields. Mr. Okubo shares how digitalization is transforming elderly care. Former mayor of Otsu City Naomi Koshi discusses the current status and the ultimate goal of DX in local governments, and Mr. Kurosaka shares his vision on how digital technology can be an “enabler” that realizes new growth in society. Panelists also touch on topics such as how technology can help create a society that is easier to live for diverse populations and how policymakers and private businesses can collaborate effectively on utilizing data for policies, especially through designing grand strategies.

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