In the MENA region, debates on issues such as education, human development, climate change, and political reform continue to be dominated by men’s voices, while the expertise and unique experiences of women are often sidelined. There are limited opportunities for women to share their perspectives through public platforms such as media networks, parliaments, and Shura councils. Moreover, where spaces for women’s active contributions do exist, conversations tend to revolve around “women’s issues,” or issues that are assumed to only impact women, such as violence against women and women’s rights.

Join the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace for an in-person conversation exploring the importance of women’s thought leadership and perspectives on issues affecting the Middle East. Panelists will discuss the persistent gender imbalance that characterizes public discourse in the MENA region, consider ways to ensure women are empowered enough to influence and lead critical debates, and explore the importance of storytelling in bringing about social change.