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  • Issue Brief: Russia on the Eve of the Presidential Elections

    • March 20, 2000 —  Washington, D.C.

    The "revolutionary stage" of the post-Soviet era is over. Russia is now facing a second conversion: from the post-Soviet era of transition into a consolidated Russian nation-state. The priority for the Yeltsin regime was to minimize the harm of the fragmentation of the Soviet Union. For Putin, the priority will be to create a new unified national identity.

  • New Challenges in Asia and America

    New Challenges in Asia and America
    • March 16, 2000

    Carnegie Non-Proliferation Conference

  • Missile Defense and Missile Non-Proliferation: The Interactions

    Missile Defense and Missile Non-Proliferation: The Interactions
    • February 16, 2000

    Proliferation Roundtable

  • Economic and Political State of Russia

    • January 20, 2000

    Presentation by Yegor Gaidar, former acting prime minister of Russia

  • Will Russia Agree to US NMD?

    Will Russia Agree to US NMD?
    • December 09, 1999

    Proliferation Roundtable

  • U.S. Cold War Nuclear Deployments

    U.S. Cold War Nuclear Deployments
    • November 30, 1999

    History of the Nuclear Age Series

  • Non-Proliferation Trust: An Update

    Non-Proliferation Trust: An Update
    • November 30, 1999

    Proliferation Roundtable

  • India's Nuclear Bomb

    India's Nuclear Bomb
    • November 16, 1999

    Proliferation Roundtable

  • Promoting Democracy in Venezuela

    • November 03, 1999 —  Washington, DC

    The Venezuelan Constituent Assembly has considered or accepted constitutional changes of dubious democratic character and President Hugo Chávez has deeply involved the military in governance tasks. Is Chávez’s “political revolution” a series of haphazard changes or does it mark a coordinated move towards authoritarianism?

  • Cost of Democracy

    • October 28, 1999 —  Washington, DC

    By supporting expensive institutions and processes of democratization, democracy assistance creates political systems that are financially unsustainable for less developed countries. There are less expensive donor strategies that could help to produce more economically viable democratizations.

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