12:45 - 1:45 pm (U.S. ET)

Nathan Brown (left) and Amr Hamzawy After years of much discussion and little action, several Arab countries seem to be taking steps toward political reform. How significant are the changes -- is real democratization on the horizon? Is this momentum illusory or sustainable? What has caused the new reform dynamic? 

The Carnegie Endowment's Democracy and Rule of Law project addresses these questions in a symposium of critical importance: Political Reform in the Arab World: Reality and Illusions.

Mustapha Kamal al-Sayyid Two leading Arab experts on political reform in the region lead the discussion. Mustapha Kamal al-Sayyid of Cairo University, one of the most prominent experts in the region on liberalization, will discuss regional developments. He is joined by Carnegie senior associate Amr Hamzawy, a leading expert on political reform in the Arab world. Nathan Brown, Carnegie senior associate, served as moderator.