Ms. Virginia Haufler

Former  Visiting Scholar
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This person is no longer with the Carnegie Endowment.

Virginia Haufler was a senior associate with the Endowment from January 1998 to September 1999, when she was on leave from the University of Maryland. Having returned to the university where she is Associate Professor of Government and Politics, she has maintained her affiliation with the Endowment and the private sector program. Ms. Haufler works primarily in the fields of international political economy and international organization. Her work has focused on international regime formation, transnational corporations, and business-government relations.

Ms. Haufler has taught at Cornell University and UCLA, and has lectured at Nankai University in China and the Budapest University of Economics. She recently co-organized a workshop and conference on the emergence of private international regimes and private authority in international affairs. She is also on the Executive Board of Women in International Security (WIIS), which promotes the professional development of women in international affairs careers. Dr. Haufler received her Ph.D. from Cornell University's Department of Government. Her major publications as author or co-editor include: Dangerous Commerce (1997), Institutions and Social Order (1998), and Private Authority and International Affairs (1999).

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