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July 22, 2010

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All Together Now: Missile Defense
Sam Nunn, Igor Ivanov, and Wolfgang Ischinger, International Herald Tribune

No other initiative has more near-term potential to ease the NATO-Russian relationship out of its petulant, impacted state, while giving a positive jolt to the revived but tentative and unfocused interest in an improved and more inclusive European security system, than missile-defense cooperation.

Were North America, Europe and Russia to make defense of the entire Euro-Atlantic region against potential ballistic missile attack a joint priority, they would - apart from addressing a concrete problem - in a single stroke undermine much of the threat analysis that sets Russia against NATO, and prove that trilateral cooperation on a key security issue is possible. | Full Article

U.S.: Russian Cheating on START is Insignificant
Bill Gertz, The Washington Times

A classified State Department report to Congress says that potential Russian cheating on the new START nuclear-arms pact would not be significant because of the size of U.S. nuclear forces. | Full Article

UN Chief to Try to Revive Disarmament Negotiations
Edith M. Lederer, Associated Press

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has invited ministers from the 192 U.N. member states to a meeting in September to revitalize U.N. disarmament negotiations which have been deadlocked for more than a dozen years, U.N. officials said Wednesday. | Full Article

Turkey's Main Opposition to Appeal Nuclear Power Plant Bill
Today's Zaman

The main opposition party in Turkey decided on Thursday to appeal the law on construction of a nuclear power plant in the south of Turkey. | Full Article

Iran Now Says Nuclear Scientist Was Double Agent
William Yong and Robert F. Worth, The New York Times

Iran fired a new salvo on Wednesday in what is becoming a bizarre propaganda war over the supposed defection and later return of an Iranian nuclear scientist, with Iran's semiofficial media suggesting that he was a covert operative who had provided "valuable information" about the Central Intelligence Agency's inner workings. | Full Article

US to Hit NKorea with More Sanctions in August
Robert Burns, Associated Press

Tightening the screws on North Korea, the Obama administration said Wednesday it would expand and strengthen sanctions against the isolated regime and its nuclear weapons program, a tactic which in the past has been undercut by North Korea's knack for finding loopholes and escape hatches. | Full Article


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