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April 30, 2009

2009 Carnegie International Nonproliferation Conference

  • Congress Looks to Bolster Iran Sanctions
    Associated Press
  • Ending the Nuclear-Weapons Threat
    The Wall Street Journal
  • N. Korea Issues Threat on Uranium
    The New York Times
  • Obama Says Pakistan Nukes in Safe Hands
    Financial Times
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Congress Looks to Bolster Iran Sanctions

Matthew Lee, Associated Press
Sen. LiebermanCongress is taking up a bipartisan proposal which would give the Obama administration more leverage over Iran by toughening economic sanctions on foreign oil and shipping firms that aid Tehran.

A group of Democrats and Republicans introduced legislation Tuesday that would give the president expanded authority to crack down on companies that export gasoline and other refined petroleum products to Iran.

Ending the Nuclear-Weapons Threat

Hirofumi Nakasone, The Wall Street Journal
After World War II -- although it became an economic power -- Japan, as the country that experienced nuclear devastation firsthand, has been steadfast in its commitment to stopping the spread of nuclear weapons. We have adhered to three principles: no possession, no production and no introduction of nuclear weapons.

N. Korea Issues Threat on Uranium

Choe Sang-Hun, The New York Times
North Korea said Wednesday that it would start a uranium enrichment program, declaring for the first time that it intended to pursue a second project unless the United Nations lifted sanctions.

Obama Says Pakistan Nukes in Safe Hands

Farhan Bokhari and James Lamont, Financial Times
US president Barack Obama on Wednesday has backed assurances from Pakistanís military, saying he believed the country's nuclear arsenal of as many as 100 warheads was in safe hands.


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