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June 30, 2009
  • Our Decaying Nuclear Deterrent
    The Wall Street Journal
  • Envoy to Coordinate North Korean Sanctions
    The New York Times
  • Ex-top official: Japan, U.S. had nuke deal
    The Yomiuri Shimbun
  • Politicus- Sanctions on Iran: Will Europe act?
    The International Herald Tribune
  • Ontario shelves costly nukes
    The Star
  • UK 'deluded' in relying on US for defence, warns thinktank
    The Guardian
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Our Decaying Nuclear Deterrent

Jon Kyl and Richard Perle, The Wall Street Journal
KylA bipartisan congressional commission, headed by some of our most experienced national security practitioners, recently concluded that a nuclear deterrent is essential to our defense for the foreseeable future. It also recommended that urgent measures be taken to keep that deterrent safe and effective.

Unfortunately, President Barack Obama has adopted an agenda that runs counter to the commission's recommendations.

Envoy to Coordinate North Korean Sanctions

Mark Landler, The New York Times
Hoping to give more teeth to international sanctions against North Korea, the Obama administration has named a senior diplomat to lead a task force coordinating Washington’s political, military and financial measures against its government.

Ex-top official: Japan, U.S. had nuke deal

The Yomiuri Shimbun
A former Foreign Ministry administrative vice minister told The Yomiuri Shimbun on Monday that Japan and the United States had a secret deal to tacitly allow U.S. forces to bring nuclear weapons into the nation.

Politicus- Sanctions on Iran: Will Europe act?

John Vinocur, The International Herald Tribune
Sanctions: a word that rises to the surface and shimmers for a deceptive moment before it bursts. It’s having its hour again, bubbling up confusingly from Iran’s witches brew.

Ontario shelves costly nukes

Rob Ferguson, Robert Benzie, Richard Brennan, The Star
The province has abruptly pulled the plug on new nuclear reactors at Darlington, blaming a bid "many billions" too high from Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. and putting pressure on Ottawa to bankroll any revived deal.

UK ‘deluded’ in relying on US for defence, warns thinktank

Richard Norton-Taylorr, The Guardian
Assumptions that the US will always come to Britain's rescue are complacent and it is "delusional" to believe that the UK can act alone without closer European defence co-operation, a leading thinktank warns today. A root and branch review of Britain's security interests, including options to avoid renewing the Trident nuclear missile system, is urgently needed, the Institute for Public Policy Research says.


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