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August 6, 2009
  • Rethinking North Korea, With Sticks
    The New York Times
  • Iran's nuclear aspirations threaten the world
    Los Angeles Times
  • First North Korea. Now Iran?
    The Independent
  • Japan opposition backs Obama's nuclear-free plan
  • Obama's nonnuclear goal worthy but difficult
    Yomiuri Shimbun
  • N-clouds over a US umbrella
    The Canberra Times
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Rethinking North Korea, With Sticks

Nicholas D. Kristof, The New York Times
Now that President Bill Clinton has extricated Laura Ling and Euna Lee from North Korea, the hard work begins.

There are new indications that North Korea may be transferring nuclear weapons technology to Myanmar, the dictatorship also known as Burma, and that it earlier supplied a reactor to Syria. For many years, based on five visits to North Korea and its border areas, I've argued for an ''engagement'' approach toward Pyongyang, but now I've reluctantly concluded that we need more sticks.
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Iran's nuclear aspirations threaten the world

Dore Gold, Los Angeles Times
Defying both history and logic, the idea that the West should diplomatically engage with Tehran still commands an important following.
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First North Korea. Now Iran?

Anne Penketh, The Independent
Bill Clinton's successful mission to North Korea presents a "win-win" situation for President Obama. Never mind the nay-sayers, such as the neo-conservative former ambassador John Bolton, who has accused the administration of practically consorting with terrorists by engaging with the unpredictable Kim Jong-il. Contrary to Mr Bolton, who forgot in his previous incarnations working for George Bush that actions have consequences, President Obama has demonstrated that he is a serious strategic thinker, and by dispatching the former president to Pyongyang he has his eye on the long term.
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Japan opposition backs Obama's nuclear-free plan

Issei Kato, Reuters
Japan's main opposition Democratic Party, which has a good shot at winning power in a general election this month, said on Thursday it backed U.S. President Barack Obama's call to rid the world of nuclear arms.
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Obama's nonnuclear goal worthy but difficult

Yomiuri Shimbun
It has been 64 years since atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and this year a ray of light appeared to illuminate the profound desire of those who experienced the terrible devastation of the atomic bombings to see a world free of nuclear weapons.
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N-clouds over a US umbrella

Michael Richardson, The Canberra Times
In the Cold War, the United States protected its allies from possible attack by a nuclear- armed Soviet Union by threatening a devastating nuclear response. This policy became the foundation for extended deterrence.
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