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November 24, 2009
  • Egyptian Nuclear Leadership—Time to Realign?
    Policy Outlook
  • Fighting Nuclear Proliferation at 20
    Proliferation Analysis
  • Iran Says Needs Guarantees to Ship Nuclear Fuel
  • Nuclear Quagmire with Iran
    Council on Foreign Relations
  • From Russia with Disdain
    The Washington Times
  • France Not for India-like Nuclear Pact with Pakistan
    The Hindu
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Egyptian Nuclear Leadership—Time to Realign?

Kimberly Misher, Policy Outlook
CairoRecognizing Egypt's critical role in the Arab world, President Obama selected Cairo for a landmark speech in June. To continue to lead the Middle East and enhance regional security, Egypt should work to strengthen the nonproliferation regime. The 2010 Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference is Egypt's next best chance to advance its disarmament goals, contends a new paper by Kimberly Misher.
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Fighting Nuclear Proliferation at 20

Gregory L. Schulte, Proliferation Analysis
The Obama administration has been thinking big about how to transform American diplomacy and international relations. One idea is to replace the G8 with the G20 on a variety of global issues. Doing nonproliferation "at 20" rather than 8 is an intriguing possibility.
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Iran Says Needs Guarantees to Ship Nuclear Fuel

Parisa Hafezi, Reuters
Iran could consider sending its low-enriched uranium abroad, the Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday, signaling a possible softening of its opposition to a plan aimed at easing Western concern over its nuclear ambitions.
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Nuclear Quagmire with Iran

George Perkovich, Council on Foreign Relations Interview
A leading arms control expert, George Perkovich says Iran's domestic political turmoil has seemingly caused it to back out of an agreement with the United States, Britain, France, Russia, China, and Germany to send its processed uranium out of the country.
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From Russia with Disdain

Henry Sokolski, The Washington Times
In Washington, it's almost impossible to underestimate how blase officials can become about the most hair-raising news if it involves an entity they believe the U.S. must do business with.
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France Not for India-like Nuclear Pact with Pakistan

Ashok Dasgupta, The Hindu
Much as Pakistan has been trying to project in recent months that France's initiative for a "strategic relationship" with it was on the same lines as that with India, a top French government official made it categorically clear that in no case would it include a civil nuclear cooperation deal.
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