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January 28, 2010
  • U.S. to Outline New Iran Sanctions
    The Wall Street Journal
  • No More Business with Iran, Says Siemens
    Der Spiegel
  • US Asks Pakistan to Stop Blocking Nuclear Talks
    Associated Press
  • U.S. to Discuss S. Korea's Demand for Nuclear Teprocessing: Campbell
    Yonhap News
  • Burma: A Nuclear Wannabe
    ISIS Report
  • START-ing Without China
    The Wall Street Journal
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U.S. to Outline New Iran Sanctions

Jay Solomon and Joe Lauria, The Wall Street Journal
State of the UnionEditor's Note: With President Barack Obama warning North Korea and Iran of increased isolation in his first State of the Union address, the United States will reportedly present the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, plus Germany, a list of Iranian individuals and firms to target with sanctions, according to the Wall Street Journal. Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel signals support for broad-based sanctions as Siemens, Europe's biggest engineering conglomerate, announced an end to business with Iran.
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No More Business with Iran, Says Siemens

Der Spiegel
The head of Siemens said Tuesday his company had quit taking orders from Iran.
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US Asks Pakistan to Stop Blocking Nuclear Talks

Eliane Engeler, Associated Press
Pakistan is delaying international talks on a ban on the production of new nuclear bomb material, insisting that any deal must also require its archrival India to reduce its existing stockpile.
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U.S. to Discuss S. Korea's Demand for Nuclear Reprocessing: Campbell

Hwang Doo-hyong, Yonhap News
The United States will discuss next week South Korea's demand for the right to reprocess spent nuclear fuel to help South Korean firms make inroads into the global nuclear energy market, a senior U.S. official said Wednesday.
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Burma: A Nuclear Wannabe

David Albright et al., ISIS Report
Editor's Note: Mark Hibbs has reported in NuclearFuel (PDF) that the IAEA found little evidence to suggest that Myanmar, also known as Burma, was constructing a secret nuclear reactor with Russian help. In a three-part compilation, the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) takes a close look at Myanmar's alleged nuclear sites, based on imagery analysis, and procurement activities with possible North Korean cooperation.
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START-ing Without China

Gordon G. Chang, The Wall Street Journal
Disarmament talks between the United States and Russia should include Beijing, argues Gordon G. Chang.
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