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February 23, 2010
  • U.S. to Retire Nuclear Tomahawk Missiles
    Kyodo News
  • Allied Bid for Obama to Remove US European Nuclear Stockpile
    Agence France-Presse
  • Iran to Build More Enrichment Plants
    The New York Times
  • After Iran Gets the Bomb
    Foreign Affairs
  • Syria Dismisses IAEA Call for More Inspectors Access
  • Choosing Peace in South Asia
    Economic & Political Weekly
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U.S. to Retire Nuclear Tomahawk Missiles

Kyodo News
B61Editor's Note: This report from the Japanese press suggests that the retirement of U.S. nuclear-armed Tomahawk cruise missiles in Northeast Asia, reached in agreement with the Japanese government, will be stipulated in the Obama administration's forthcoming Nuclear Posture Review. Josh Rogin at Foreign Policy's The Cable has obtained a letter, dated February 19, addressed to President Barack Obama and signed by over 200 Japanese parliamentarians urging the United States to limit the role of its nuclear weapons to that of nuclear deterrence.
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Allied Bid for Obama to Remove US European Nuclear Stockpile

Pascal Mallet, Agence France-Presse
European NATO allies are to urge President Barack Obama to remove all remaining US nuclear weapons from European soil, as domestic pressure grows to rid its soil of outdated Cold War-era aerial bombs.
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Iran to Build More Enrichment Plants

Alan Cowell, The New York Times
Iran will build 10 more nuclear-fuel enrichment plants two within the next year and has identified "close to" 20 sites for such facilities, a senior Iranian official said Monday.
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After Iran Gets the Bomb (Free Registration Required)

James M. Lindsay and Ray Takeyh, Foreign Affairs
Despite international pressure, Iran appears to be continuing its march toward getting a nuclear bomb. But Washington can contain and mitigate the consequences of Tehran's nuclear defiance, keeping an abhorrent outcome from becoming a catastrophic one.
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Syria Dismisses IAEA Call for More Inspectors Access

Khaled Yacoub Oweis, Reuters
Syria dismissed on Saturday an International Atomic Energy Agency recommendation to allow its inspectors unrestrained access, days after the agency said a bombed Syrian complex could have been a nuclear site.
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Choosing Peace in South Asia (PDF)

Zia Mian, Economic & Political Weekly
While the governments of India and Pakistan plan for war and pour billions of dollars into their arms race, a recent poll in six major cities in India and in eight cities and 36 villages in Pakistan shows that civil society in these two countries is ready to make peace, if only the governments would permit them. Will the governments in India and Pakistan heed their people rather than their generals?
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