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April 8, 2010

2009 Carnegie International Nonproliferation Conference

  • U.S. and Russia Sign Nuclear Arms Pact
    The New York Times
  • The New START—A View from Moscow
  • After Prague, What's Next for Arms Control?
    International Herald Tribune
  • Crackdown Sought on Nuclear Material
    The Wall Street Journal
  • Key Countries to Meet at U.N. for Talks about Iran Sanctions
    The Washington Post
  • IAEA Inspects Syria Reactor in Uranium Traces Probe
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U.S. and Russia Sign Nuclear Arms Pact

Peter Baker, The New York Times
STARTWith flourish and fanfare, President Obama and President Dmitri A. Medvedev of Russia signed a nuclear arms control treaty on Thursday and opened what they hoped would be a new era in the tumultuous relationship between two former cold war adversaries.

Meeting here in the heart of a once-divided Europe, the two leaders put aside the acrimony that has characterized Russian-American ties in recent years as they agreed to bring down their arsenals and restore an inspection regime that expired in December. Along the way, they sidestepped unresolved disputes over missile defense and other issues.
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The New START—A View from Moscow

Alexei Arbatov, Q&A
President Medvedev and President Obama signed the new START agreement today in Prague. Alexei Arbatov says that the leaders of both countries need to emphasize their common interest in nuclear disarmament and make the ratification process another step in the positive resetting of relations rather than allowing a wave of mutual recriminations, suspicions, and accusations to undercut progress.
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After Prague, What's Next for Arms Control?

George Perkovich, International Herald Tribune
In Prague one year ago, President Obama declared "America’s commitment to seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons." The speech elicited strong reactions around the world.
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Crackdown Sought on Nuclear Material

David Crawford and Peter Spiegel, The Wall Street Journal
A proposed communiqué calls for leaders from more than 40 countries to endorse a global crackdown on the illicit trade of nuclear material at a summit in Washington next week.
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Key Countries to Meet at U.N. for Talks about Iran Sanctions

Colum Lynch, The Washington Post
The United States, China and other key world powers will meet at the United Nations on Thursday for their first high-level talks on a Western-backed proposal to impose sanctions on Iran, according to U.N. Security Council diplomats.
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IAEA Inspects Syria Reactor in Uranium Traces Probe

U.N. inspectors have been able to revisit a Damascus nuclear research reactor as part of a probe into possible covert atomic activity in Syria, diplomats said on Tuesday.
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