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September 14, 2010
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  • Reaching Consensus at the IAEA
  • To Pressure Iran, Squeeze Russia and China
    The Wall Street Journal
  • Dissidents Claim Iran Is Building a New Enrichment Site
    The New York Times
  • A GOP Legacy at Risk
    The Boston Globe
  • India Unmasks America's Nuclear Liabilities
    The Wall Street Journal
  • Nuclear Program Has Air Force Both Worried and Hopeful

Reaching Consensus at the IAEA

Mark Hibbs, Q&A
AmanoThis month, the two decision-making bodies of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)—the board of governors and the general conference—will convene in Vienna for their annual fall meetings. On the agenda will be the nuclear programs of Iran, Syria, and Israel, and the goal of a nuclear-free Middle East. Following on the heels of two new IAEA reports criticizing Iran and Syria for continued lack of cooperation with the IAEA—including allegations of covert nuclear work—the two countries’ nuclear programs will remain in the spotlight.

In a Q&A, Mark Hibbs explains that the lack of action expected on these major issues underscores the dysfunctional relationship between advanced, largely Western, nuclear countries, and the developing and non-aligned states that constitute the majority of the IAEA's membership.
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To Pressure Iran, Squeeze Russia and China

Reuel Marc Gerecht and Mark Dubowitz, The Wall Street Journal
In 1996 Congress passed the Iran-Libya Sanctions Act with the aim of, among other things, pressuring the regime in Tehran to stop sponsoring terrorism. For a time, the sanctions did annoy those who wanted to invest in the Islamic Republic.
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Dissidents Claim Iran Is Building a New Enrichment Site

David E. Sanger, The New York Times
A dissident group that had previously revealed the existence of several hidden nuclear sites in Iran claimed Thursday that it had evidence that the country was building another secret uranium enrichment plant.
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A GOP Legacy at Risk

John B. Rhinelander, The Boston Globe
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is scheduled to vote Thursday on a new START treaty, which would reduce the threat posed by US and Russian nuclear arsenals and reestablish vitally important onsite inspections.
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India Unmasks America's Nuclear Liabilities

Henry Sokolski, The Wall Street Journal
India's parliament last week gave the U.S. nuclear industry the legal equivalent of a Bronx cheer: It passed a law that denied American firms legal immunity from being sued in the event of a nuclear accident.
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Nuclear Program Has Air Force Both Worried and Hopeful

Otto Kreisher, CongressDaily
The commander of the U.S. Strategic Command expressed concern Monday over several aspects of nuclear deterrent capabilities but praised the Nuclear Posture Review and the administration's FY11 budget that requested a substantial funding increase to upgrade nuclear weapons facilities and modernize and sustain the weapons stockpile.
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