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October 28, 2010
  • Why NATO Is On the Right Track
    Policy Outlook
  • India Signs Nuclear-Liability Pact
    The Wall Street Journal
  • Toward Realistic U.S.–India Relations
    Carnegie Report
  • Obama Set to Offer Stricter Nuclear Deal to Iran
    The New York Times
  • The Domestic Politics of the Nuclear Question in Iran
    Aspen European Strategy Forum
  • Air Force Loses Contact with 50 ICBMs at Wyoming Base
    Global Security Newswire
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Why NATO Is On the Right Track

Detlef Waechter, Policy Outlook
NATOWhen NATO leaders convene in Lisbon November 19-20, they will not only update the Alliance’s Strategic Concept to guide its work over the next decade but also reexamine its policy on nuclear weapons. Spurred by recent nonproliferation initiatives, the review could split NATO’s members if not handled carefully.

In a Policy Outlook, Detlef Waechter writes that NATO members should endorse the approach Secretary of State Hillary Clinton outlined in her April meeting with foreign ministers in Estonia, which called for NATO to retain its nuclear status but reduce the role and number of nuclear weapons. This modest but realistic course will allow NATO to play a constructive role in arms control, he argues.
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India Signs Nuclear-Liability Pact

Amol Sharma, The Wall Street Journal
India on Wednesday signed an international convention on nuclear energy accident liability, a move aimed at soothing tensions with the U.S. over the countries' civil nuclear partnership ahead of President Barack Obama's visit here next week.
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Toward Realistic U.S.–India Relations

George Perkovich, Carnegie Report
Editor's Note: In this new Carnegie report, George Perkovich analyzes American and Indian interests, policies, and diplomatic styles in a range of issues and recommends areas where the Obama administration can realistically contribute to enhanced U.S.-India relations while advancing effective global governance.
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Obama Set to Offer Stricter Nuclear Deal to Iran

David E. Sanger, The New York Times
The Obama administration and its European allies are preparing a new offer for negotiations with Iran on its nuclear program, senior administration officials say, but the conditions on Tehran would be even more onerous than a deal that the country’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, rejected last year.
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The Domestic Politics of the Nuclear Question in Iran (PDF)

Shahram Chubin, Aspen European Strategy Forum
Editor's Note: In a paper presented at the Aspen European Strategy Forum in Berlin on the strategic implications of Iran’s nuclear program, Shahram Chubin closely examines the question of internal elite divisions in Iran and explores how differences on the nuclear issue serve as subtext for understanding Iran’s opaque, but evolving government.
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Air Force Loses Contact with 50 ICBMs at Wyoming Base

Global Security Newswire
A technical glitch Saturday cut off for close to one hour a command facility's contact with 50 Minuteman 3 ICBMs at F.E. Warren Air Force Base in Wyoming, the Associated Press reported.
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