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December 21, 2010
  • Senate Support Builds for Pact on Arms Control
    The New York Times
  • Russia Warns against START Changes
    The Wall Street Journal
  • Richardson Says NKorea is Opening for Talks
    Associated Press
  • Skepticism May Greet North Korea Nuclear Offer
  • Russia Backs India for NSG
  • WikiLeaks Cables: Egypt 'Turned Down' Black-Market Nuclear Weapons Deal
    The Guardian
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Senate Support Builds for Pact on Arms Control

Peter Baker, The New York Times
McCainThe Senate moved closer on Monday to approving a new arms control treaty with Russia over the opposition of Republican leaders as lawmakers worked on a side deal to assure skeptics that the arms pact would not inhibit American plans to build missile defense systems.

A Republican senator announced that he would vote for the treaty and two others said they were leaning toward it after a closed-door session on classified aspects of the pact. At the same time, Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona, produced separate legislation that could reassure fellow Republicans worried about the treaty's impact on missile defense.
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Russia Warns against START Changes

Gregory L. White, The Wall Street Journal
Russia Monday warned that any changes to a nuclear-weapons-reduction treaty now facing a tough ratification vote in the U.S. Senate could kill the pact.
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Richardson Says NKorea Trip is Opening for Talks

Christopher Bodeen, Associated Press
New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson praised North Korea on Tuesday for not retaliating against South Korean artillery drills, and said the current tensions offered an opening for new multinational talks on ending the North's nuclear program.
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Skepticism May Greet North Korea Nuclear Offer

Fredrik Dahl, Reuters
The significance of a reported offer by North Korea to allow U.N. nuclear inspectors back into the reclusive state will depend on how and when it is implemented, if at all, and what their mandate would be.
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Russia Backs India for NSG

Indo-Asian News Service
Russia on Tuesday followed the US and France in backing India's membership of elite nuclear clubs, including the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), as Moscow and New Delhi sought to intensify cooperation in preventing nuclear weapons from falling into the hands of terrorists.
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WikiLeaks Cables: Egypt 'Turned Down' Black-Market Nuclear Weapons Deal

Julian Borger, The Guardian
Egypt was offered nuclear weapons, material and expertise on the black market after the collapse of the Soviet Union, according to a senior Egyptian diplomat.
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