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» February 22, 2011
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UPDATE: French Government Reaffirms EDF's Lead Role In Nuclear Energy

Angeline Benoit and Geraldine Amiel | The Wall Street Journal

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The French government issued Monday new guidelines for the country's nuclear-energy industry, reaffirming the leading role of state-controlled Electricite de France SA (EDF.FR) in the sector after a French consortium failed to win a key overseas contract in 2009.

The government also envisages the construction of a new type of reactor in France and will force state-controlled nuclear engineering firm Areva SA (CEI.FR, ARVCY) to confine its uranium-mining operations in a separate legal unit.

In a statement issued after a meeting Monday of the French nuclear energy policy council, the office of French President Nicolas Sarkozy said Areva will sign an agreement with EDF before summer to improve the performance of France's 58 nuclear reactors and extend their lifespan.     Full Article

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