Alexander Baunov

Senior Fellow
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  • Putin Is Launching an Assault on the Last Vestiges of Soviet Identity

    • 22.01.2023
    Putin’s war on Ukraine is not only strengthening the emerging national identity of Ukrainians; it is also decisively changing the post-Soviet identity of many Russians.
  • What the Kremlin Really Hoped to Achieve With Its Ceasefire Proposal

    • 13.01.2023
    The aim of the ceasefire proposal was to force the Ukrainian army and politicians to reject it in view of the Ukrainian public, who are often left without electricity, water, heating, or transport by Russia’s bombing campaign.
  • A Missile Falls on NATO Territory. What Next?

    • 16.11.2022
    The missile landing in Polish territory may lead to Poland and Ukraine’s other most active defenders gaining more military autonomy. After all, restraining an ally from self-defense is far more difficult than restraining them from helping others.
  • Do Not Mistake Kherson Retreat for a Crack in Putin’s Armor

    • 10.11.2022
    Other examples suggest we should be cautious: being defeated in Kuwait in 1991 did not bring down Saddam Hussein, and Slobodan Milosevic’s nationalist regime survived the routing of Serb forces in Croatia and Bosnia. However, even if large-scale failures in Ukraine do not bring down Putin, they may change the face of his regime.
  • The Nobel Prize Reflects a Vision for a Future Europe

    • 13.10.2022
    The Nobel Committee is reminding us that we can’t build a new European post-war order, however fair, by building a new wall. It’s enough to remember the wall that emerged in the aftermath of World War II and failed to bring peace to Europe.
  • Putin Just Told Us What He’s Planning

    • 01.10.2022
    This is Mr. Putin’s message, and the mood in the Russian elite is noticeably gloomy and fatalistic. There is, however, one significant difference between the Russian invasion of Ukraine and threats to resort to nuclear weapons. Before the invasion, Russia fiercely denied having any intention of invading.
  • Why Is Putin Upping the Ante in Ukraine?

    • 21.09.2022
    Rapidly unfolding events in Russia are effectively transforming the conflict in Ukraine from a “special operation” on someone else’s territory into a war to defend supposedly Russian land.
  • Under Gorbachev, Russia Found Its Voice

    • 06.09.2022
    Like Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the other proponents of the Enlightenment, Gorbachev operated on the principle that people, by nature, are good, and it is only society that makes them bad. If you give a person freedom, they will use it for good. The root of his mistakes lay in this faith. But it is the only faith that we should share.
  • Russia Will Miss the World Order Putin Upended

    • 25.07.2022
    In his fight to change the world order, Mr. Putin wasn’t afraid to destroy the existing one. Russia has staked everything on its size and might, banking on the prospect that attempts to exclude it from the world order will lead to that order’s collapse—or at least that the economic costs will force the West to adapt to Russian needs.
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