Temur Umarov

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
  • China Looms Large in Central Asia

    • 30.03.2020
    China is gradually laying down the foundations for the construction of a Pax Sinica in Central Asia. This is particularly successful in certain sectors of the economy, but Beijing’s policy has come up against constraints, both within Central Asia and outside of it.
  • What’s Behind Protests Against China in Kazakhstan?

    • 30.10.2019
    China has always been considered a convenient partner for Central Asian countries, because it asked for virtually nothing in exchange for investment. But unlike with Western countries, which state the terms of cooperation in advance, with China there are unspoken rules, including a taboo on acknowledging any problems in the relationship.
  • The Failure of Atambayev’s Planned Power Transition

    • 23.08.2019
    Unlike in Russia and Kazakhstan, an effort in Kyrgyzstan to carefully orchestrate the transition of power backfired.
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