Economic Risk in Asia

    Will the Chinese Communist Party Survive the Crisis?

    China's faltering economic growth is posing the hardest test yet to the resilience of the Chinese Communist Party.

    The Threat of Protectionism During the Financial Crisis

    Drops in Chinese export figures and declines in world GDP suggest there will not be an economic recovery in the fourth quarter of 2009. The upcoming G-20 meeting must focus on halting the contraction as opposed to reforming the financial architecture.

    Averting Crisis: A Path Forward for China's Healthcare System

    • Meredith Wen
    • March 09, 2009

    An examination of the current structure of China's healthcare system, the obstacles that the regime must overcome to achieve universal healthcare, and the competing proposals for improving it.

    Why Buy U.S. Debt?

    In light of the Obama administration's forecast that the government will borrow $3.7 trillion in the next two years, there are growing concerns over the willingness and ability of global investors to finance American debt.

    The Color of China

    China's future economic performance could be undermined by half-finished and misguided government policies that have created persistent flaws in its economic institutions and structures.

    Clinton's Asia Trip

    With Chinese economic growth rates decelerating beyond even the most pessimistic predictions and a leadership succession in three or four years, the CCP is more concerned about quelling internal unrest than engaging with the United States on pressing global issues.

    Is China's Economy Tanking? Understanding New Data

    China's GDP growth fell to 6.8% in the fourth quarter of 2008, raising concerns that its economy may be headed for a downturn.

    China and the U.S. Economy

    Despite Treasury Tim Geitner's recent comments that China is manipulating its currency, it is difficult to assess China's monetary policies because its economy is in such flux.

    China’s Fourth Quarter 2008 Statistical Record

    China's recently released economic data for 2008 reveal a mixed economic picture: although weakened trade, declining rural incomes, low prices, and high interest rates are cause for concern, strong growth in agriculture, investment, retail sales, and urban household incomes bodes well for a recovery in 2009.

    Fighting for Harmony: The Threat of Social Instability During the Global Financial Crisis

    • Meredith Wen
    • January 21, 2009

    China's 1990's state-owned enterprise reforms may give some indication as to how the CCP plans to handle current threats to domestic stability.

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