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    How the Chinese Negotiate with India

    Experts examines the history of how China has negotiated with India through the lens of six significant moments in the relationship, from India’s recognition of the PRC to the 1954 Tibet trade agreement to the Chinese recognition of Sikkim and the aftermath of the India-U.S. nuclear deal.

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    Regime Change Is Not an Option in China

    The relationship between China and the United States is the central drama of global politics today. It captures and defines the current era: great-power rivalry, ideological competition, the diffusion of advanced technology, and the weakening of U.S. hegemony.

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    What Will Be the Impact of China’s State-Sponsored Digital Currency?

    China’s new digital currency, the e-CNY, could give Beijing valuable information about financial transactions and be used by Chinese firms to sidestep U.S. sanctions. But in order for it to meet lofty ambitions, there are some tricky structural questions that must be worked out first.

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    Demographics and the Future of South Korea

    South Korea is bracing for a momentous demographic shift that could be a bellwether of how other countries around the world will deal with aging populations in the decades to come.

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    Why Joe Biden is Taking His Time with America’s China Policy

    We are now six months into the new administration of President Joe Biden, in the middle of his plans to “build back better” for the United States. But when it comes to policies related to China, there is not yet much to see that gives concrete meaning to that slogan.

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    How Duterte Strong-Armed Chinese Dam-Builders But Weakened Philippine Institutions

    • Alvin Camba
    • June 15, 2021

    Despite public perceptions, Philippine ruling elites concerned with political expediency, not Chinese actors, are often the key culprits sidestepping social and environmental safeguards on infrastructure projects. Chinese players generally have accommodated these Philippine demands.

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    The Local Roots of Chinese Engagement in Pakistan

    • Muhammad Tayyab Safdar
    • June 02, 2021

    China has intensified its economic engagement with Pakistan by cultivating influential political elites. But the deeper story of Chinese inroads is the diversification of ties to local stakeholders, notably in the education, media, and energy sectors.

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    How China and Pakistan Negotiate

    • Katharine Adeney, Filippo Boni
    • May 24, 2021

    Many observers view Pakistan as a test case for China’s assertive overseas expansion plans. But sometimes, it is Chinese players who have had to adapt to Islamabad’s realities.

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    Moon and Biden Must Revamp the U.S.-South Korea Alliance

    When South Korean President Moon Jae-in meets U.S. President Joe Biden, North Korea will be on the agenda. But the two leaders should prioritize a broader range of issues.

    • Commentary

    Biden Wants to Replicate China’s Infrastructure Miracle

    China’s economic structure and financing mechanisms are fundamentally different from the United States’ and, consequently, its experience investing in infrastructure only highlights how difficult it will be for the United States to actually compete in these terms.

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