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    Civic Activism Unleashed: New Hope or False Dawn for Democracy?

    One of the signal events in global politics in the last decade has been the transformation of political and civic activism. Not only is the new activism qualitatively different in character from what it was in 2000; its intensity and frequency have dramatically increased.

    • Op-Ed

    Want a Third Party? Think Again

    While third party candidates may seem like attractive alternatives to the major parties, they can serve as spoilers. Instead, ranked choice voting could be a solution for providing voters with greater choice, reducing polarization, and improving representation.

    • Article

    Democratizing Europe’s Economy

    • Niccolò Milanese
    • January 24, 2019

    In Europe, there is a missing link between economic governance and social issues. The EU must account for the changing nature of work and what it does to political representation.

    • Fiscal Futures: An Agenda for Strengthening Fiscal Accountability and Fiscal Justice

      To increase positive outcomes related to fiscal accountability and justice, a group of experts working on the issue found that societies should increase investment in inclusion, civic engagement, combating corruption, improving governance, and addressing revenue challenges.

      • Q&A

      We Need to Get Smart About How Governments Use AI

      China is exporting artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to other countries, particularly to autocratic-leaning states. Why are countries racing to embrace this new technology?

      • Op-Ed

      Is Democracy the Problem?

      The U.S. political system is indeed beset by a high degree of polarization and a low sense of common purpose. Should we blame democracy itself, or should we blame ourselves for the pathologies of our own politics?

      • How Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping Repression

        Around the world, AI systems are showing their potential for abetting repressive regimes and upending the relationship between citizen and state, thereby accelerating a global resurgence of authoritarianism.

        • Article

        2019 European Parliament Elections Will Change the EU’s Political Dynamics

        The next EP elections will likely end big party dominance and create genuine democratic space. But, ultimately, the functioning of the EU hinges on the success of the populist radical right.

        • Fiscal Futures: Preparing for the Future of Public Finance

          To prepare for the future of public finance two decades from now, a group of experts has published perspectives on the state of the field, developed possible fiscal scenarios for the year 2040, and explored some of the biggest issues facing future fiscal accountability work.

          • Op-Ed

          Reconstruction Redux

          While the road out of today’s extreme political polarization in the United States isn’t obvious, adopting reforms like ranked choice voting could reduce polarization and better represent the will of the people.

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