Reinventing Transatlantic Relations

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    Reinventing Transatlantic Relations on Climate, Democracy, and Technology

    To get the transatlantic relationship back and on track and to ensure that it will remain relevant in the future, the United States and the European Union should prioritize putting forward concrete ideas and taking actionable steps on climate and energy, democracy and human rights, and digital technology issues.

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    The Art of the New Transatlantic Deal

    The question facing European leaders is accordingly not whether transatlantic relations will improve under Biden—they most certainly will, though some difficulties will also remain—but rather how to reinvent Atlanticism for a new era.

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    Biden Could Help Heal Europe’s Brexit Wounds

    The conventional wisdom is that the special relationship between Washington and London will suffer a blow under President-elect Joe Biden. But that needn’t happen.

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    Note to U.S. Allies: America Will Remain Divided and Frustrating

    For U.S. allies and partners around the world, the United States will stop being an at times gratuitous antagonist, and the Biden-Kamala Harris administration will reinvigorate U.S. diplomacy, but Washington will remain a frustrating partner on important issues.

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    What Are Europe’s Expectations if Biden Wins?

    The real question facing European leaders is therefore not how to restore transatlantic relations to its pre-Trump days, but rather how to craft a new vision for the future—one where Washington may not always be in the driver’s seat and Europe is capable of taking on more responsibility.

    • Op-Ed

    Washington Should Push for a Stronger E.U. Foreign Policy

    The United States needs Europe to act as a genuine partner that can step up and out onto the world stage, on its own when necessary. For that to happen, Washington should change its traditional approach to the transatlantic alliance.

    • Reimagining Transatlantic Relations

      The time is ripe for a fresh appraisal of the transatlantic alliance. Can the United States and Europe rebuild their bonds in forward-looking and enduring ways?

      • Bonding Over Beijing

        • Erik Brattberg, Torrey Taussig
        • September 30, 2020
        • Internationale Politik Quarterly

        Regardless of the outcome of the U.S. presidential election in November, how to address the rise of China and Beijing’s growing assertiveness post-COVID-19 will be one of the dominant issues in transatlantic relations under the next administration.

        • Op-Ed

        The Troubling Impact of COVID-19 on Transatlantic Relations

        Having already deteriorated significantly since President Donald Trump assumed office in 2017, the transatlantic relationship is now at risk of being further weakened during the coronavirus.

        • Article

        The Pandemic Is Making Transatlantic Relations More Toxic

        The coronavirus pandemic has only made U.S. relations with Europe worse, but there is still time to right the ship.

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