Transatlantic Relations

The transatlantic relationship has been a cornerstone of the international system for over a century, but liberal democracies on both sides of the Atlantic have struggled to adequately adapt to a globalized and digitalized world and anti-liberal populist forces have threatened democratic institutions. As Europeans wonder about the United States’s political future and the U.S. failure to sufficiently address the climate emergency, and Americans worry that Europe remains politically and materially unprepared to shoulder its own security even as some in Europe fail to recognize the significance of internal and external authoritarian threats, this project examines key issues that will define the next chapter of transatlanticism.

This project is led by Daniel Baer.

    Unpacking Italy's Political Future

    Join Carnegie for a special event featuring Former Ambassador to Italy John Phillips, POLITICO journalist Hannah Roberts, along with Dan Baer and Rosa Balfour on the state of play in Italy's upcoming elections.

    The Dangerous Farce of Late-Stage Orbanism

    Hungary is no longer a story only—or even predominantly—of democratic backsliding by a member of both the European Union and NATO.

    Six Reflections on the First Day of Russia’s War in Ukraine

    The significance of what is unfolding will settle slowly over time.

    Biden May Be Outplaying Putin In One Critical Way

    What the Biden administration seems to have figured out is that it need not make definitive statements about exactly what Putin is planning. Instead, it can release intelligence and analysis of what he could be up to, before he has a chance to execute his plans.

    Sub Snub Has Paris in a Tizzy Over AUKUS

    • Dan Baer
    • September 17, 2021
    • Foreign Policy

    The AUKUS announcement was not a slight to France or Europe—or, for that matter, to Canada, Japan, or South Korea. It strengthens the hand of all democracies in the Indo-Pacific, including the democracies that aren’t part of the arrangement.

    In Historic Shift, Biden Aligns Allies on China

    U.S. President Joe Biden’s trip to Europe was rightly heralded as a success. Biden played the role of a national symbol more than U.S. presidents usually do: A long-lost friend returned to the global stage, just as he promised his country would do.

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