Korean Peninsula

North Korea’s evolving nuclear arsenal presents a complex security challenge. What can states and international organizations do to reduce immediate nuclear risks while planning for a longer term disarmament process?

    How North Korea Built Its Nuclear Program

    If the non-proliferation regime is going to prove sustainable for many decades in the future, it will need to rely on political good will between the countries that don’t have nuclear weapons and the countries that do have them.

    Is a Nuclear Iran Inevitable?

    A nuclear weapon in the hands of Iran is by no means inevitable.

    South Korea’s Nuclear Defense

    Washington and Seoul are working on a diplomatic response to accompany their resolve not to blink should Kim Jong-un launch an attack, and they also want to wrap up two years of negotiations on a new bilateral agreement for nuclear cooperation.

    North Korea Tensions

    Tensions with North Korea are rising as the United States strengthens its missile defense in response to threats.

    Warning to North Korea

    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has used strong words against North Korea after the country threatened to attack the United States.

    Do Unto Others: Toward a Defensible Nuclear Doctrine

    President Barack Obama should articulate a narrowed framework for the legitimate use of nuclear weapons that the United States believes would be defensible for others to follow as long as nuclear weapons remain.

    Balancing Chinese Interests on North Korea and Iran

    In China, nonproliferation continues to be framed as an excuse behind which Washington and its allies are able to engage in provocative and destabilizing acts.

    Reading Into South Korea’s Nuclear Debate

    For denizens of the southern half of the Korean Peninsula, North Korea's third nuclear test was so threatening that it has moved onto center stage a once-fringe debate about whether South Korea should acquire nuclear weapons of its own.

    Will South Korea Go Nuclear?

    The acute tension on the Korean peninsula is threatening critical negotiations on peaceful nuclear cooperation between the United States and South Korea.

    Heading for the Wire on US-ROK 123

    The Republic of Korea and the United States are running out of time to finish negotiations on a bilateral agreement for nuclear cooperation.

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