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    Can India Ever Become a Great Power?

    While India’s rise is undeniable, its trajectory within the global order remains unclear. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for India to become a leading power represents a change in how the country’s top political leadership conceives of its role in international politics

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    A Vision for the U.S.-India Economic and Financial Partnership

    In advance of the sixth annual U.S.-India Economic and Financial Partnership dialogue, U.S. Treasury Undersecretary for International Affairs Nathan Sheets discussed the importance of the United States’ economic partnership with India.

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    Launch of Carnegie India

    • April 06, 2016
    • New Delhi

    The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace is pleased to launch Carnegie India, its sixth international center.

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    The Roots of the Sri Lankan War

    For over a quarter century, Sri Lanka endured a harrowing civil war pitting government forces against the insurgent Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. How did the Sri Lankan civil war begin and what are its lasting impacts?

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    Modernizing India’s Transportation Infrastructure for Sustained Growth

    India’s transportation infrastructure needs are enormous. After decades of underinvestment, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has embarked on a concerted effort to upgrade all elements of India’s transportation networks.

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    Assessing the Progress and Promise of Economic Reform in India

    To discuss the Indian government’s economic progress to date and its vision for the future, join us for a special Google Hangout featuring Jayant Sinha, India’s union minister of state for finance and Lok Sabha member of Parliament.

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    India’s Maritime Diplomacy

    • Milan Vaishnav, Yogendra Kumar, Iskander Rehman
    • November 18, 2015
    • Washington, DC

    As India expands its maritime capabilities, new questions have arisen as to whether it has a coherent maritime strategy or the institutional foundations necessary to secure India’s equities, particularly in an increasingly contested Indian Ocean region.

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    Why India Is Not a Great Power (Yet)

    • Ashley J. Tellis, Bharat Karnad, Lisa Curtis, Daniel Markey, Richard Rossow
    • November 12, 2015
    • Washington, DC

    What are the deficits in India’s military capabilities and in the ‘software’ related to hard power, and how have these shortfalls prevented the country from achieving great-power status?

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    Afghanistan in 2015: Ripening Investment or Regressive Turns?

    Although President Barack Obama has extended U.S. military presence in Afghanistan, stability in the conflict-torn nation is elusive and close to one and a half decades of Afghan and international investment are at risk.

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    Creating a New Medina: The Quest for Pakistan

    Contrary to the received wisdom, Pakistan was not simply a vague idea that serendipitously emerged as a nation-state, but was broadly conceived as a sovereign Islamic state—a new Medina.

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