The Emerging Maritime Contest in Eurasia

    • Geoffrey F. Gresh, Lindsey W. Ford, Peter J. Dombrowski, Ashley J. Tellis
    • November 19, 2020
    • Live Online

    Join us for a discussion on maritime competition in the Indo-Pacific for Geoffrey F. Gresh’s recently published book To Rule Eurasia’s Waves.

    Off the Cuff

    South Asian experts detail U.S.-India relations and how Washington is responding to India’s economic slow down.

    India’s Indo-Pacific Vision: Stabilizing the Indian Ocean Region

    Driven in part by an evolving?foreign and security policy trajectory within India and a changing regional security environment, India?is set to take on a stronger role within the Indian Ocean Region and seek opportunities to assist?partners?in other parts of the Indo-Pacific.?

    China’s Navy Expands to Indian Ocean Region

    A discussion of the capabilities of the Chinese Navy in the Indian Ocean Region, it’s likely force projection and posture by 2035, and perspective planning for countering Chinese naval operations in the region.

    India: Capable but Constrained

    The Indian Armed Forces are large and competent, but they face significant internal security challenges as well as major external dangers from China and Pakistan.

    After the Border Clash, Will China-India Competition Go Nuclear?

    Asia’s two largest nuclear powers have never threatened each other with nuclear weapons. How much will the recent deadly border clashes between China and India change the security landscape?

    Indian Americans in U.S. Politics

    Experts discuss how Indian Americans might vote in the upcoming 2020 US Presidential Elections, political views across the community, and what issues matter most to them.

    Why Indian Americans Are Not Becoming Republicans Any Time Soon

    • Milan Vaishnav, Sumitra Badrinathan, Devesh Kapur
    • October 15, 2020
    • Washington Post

    Even if Indian Americans have not traditionally voted Republican, some media reports have speculated that the Democratic Party’s grip on the community could unravel in 2020 for at least two reasons.

    Indian-Americans Are With Democrats

    • Milan Vaishnav, Sumitra Badrinathan, Devesh Kapur
    • October 15, 2020
    • Hindustan Times

    On issues ranging from immigration to press freedom, the policy preferences of Indian-Americans line up remarkably well with those of the political Left. Indeed, the leading reason Democrats and independents cite for their aversion to the Republican Party is the latter’s intolerance of minorities.

    ‘U.S.-India Ties Aren’t as Important’

    The Indian-American community has suddenly been thrust into the spotlight as a politically influential community, partly due to Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris’s Indian heritage.

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