India as a New Global Power: An Action Agenda for the United States

    The numerous important controversies that have surrounded U.S. foreign policy over the past four years have obscured a strategic success with major implications for the future balance of power in Asia: the transformation of relations between the United States and India.

    Pakistan: Between Mosque and Military

    This book analyzes the origins of the relationships between Islamist groups and Pakistan’s military, and explores Pakistan’s quest for identity and security.

    India's Strategic Perspectives

    Discussion with Defense Minister of India, Pranab Mukherjee.

    The United States and South Asia

    the United States today stands at an extraordinary moment of opportunity because, for the first time in many decades, it enjoys good relations with India and Pakistan simultaneously. In order to capitalize on this new triangular relationship, the U.S. will need to sustain and expand the depth of its ties to both countries.

    Partition is history, leave it in the past

    The underlying message of statements made during his recent trip to Pakistan by Hindu nationalist leader L K Advani seems to be that India and Pakistan must get over the bitterness of their partition 58 years ago. They need to accept each other as neighbours and address the issues that face their people.

    U.S. Grand Strategy for South Asia

    Visiting Scholar Husain Haqqani reviews Senior Associate Ashley Tellis' policy brief on US Strategic re-making of South Asia. Haqqani notes that this may be the first time the U.S. is basing its South Asia strategy on positive engagement with Pakistan coupled with a clear acknowledgement of India’s ascendance. However, according to Haqqani, the major problem with the American grand strategy for the region is that it is based on assumptions about the intentions of regional players that have been proven incorrect over time.

    The dynamics of South Asia

    South Asian Seesaw: A New U.S. Policy on the Subcontinent

    The Hundred Years War in the Heart

    Whatever the flowery declarations between India and Pakistan, unless Pakistan’s internal structure changes, there’ll never be lasting peace.

    A Pipeline to Peace

    India's foreign minister visited Washington last week and met with President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to discuss a range of mutual interests, from countering China's strategic clout to promoting economic growth and resolving India-Pakistan tensions. Unfortunately, the Bush administration's obsession with Iran threatens to block a major initiative that could advance those goals.

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