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    The State of Opposition in South Asia

    The dominance of powerful regime incumbents in South Asia, from the BJP in India to the Awami League in Bangladesh and the military in Pakistan, should not obscure the reality that the opposition space in the region is dynamic, fluid, and highly consequential.

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    Opportunities Despite the Turmoil

    Worldwide inflation and a global economic slowdown will impact India’s import bill and constrain Indian exports—a driver of growth.

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    What’s Working in India?

    The start of a new year creates a unique opportunity to appreciate the areas in which India has made concerted progress in recent years.

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    Grand Tamasha’s Best Books of the Year

    The host of Carnegie’s podcast on Indian politics shares his three favorite reads from 2022.

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    In 2023, A New Road Map for India’s Opposition

    It would be daring of the Opposition to make public service delivery the leitmotif of its general election campaign in 2024. But one thing is for sure: Until and unless the Opposition forges an affirmative agenda that goes beyond attacking Modi and the BJP, its collective post-election analysis in 2024 will look a lot like 2019.

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    What Does It Mean to Be Asian American in California?

    Discussions of the social attitudes and political prefer- ences of Asian Americans can often obscure the picture as much as they illuminate it. The community’s views are shaped by not only their place of birth but also by various other demographic factors such as ethnic/national heritage and generational divides.

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    Grasping Greatness: Making India a Leading Power

    Since its independence in 1947, India’s leaders have sought to grasp the greatness that the country seemed destined for.

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    Embracing The Hyphen: The Indian-American Identity

    There was a big narrative propagating by many in the media heading into the 2022 U.S. elections that Indian Americans who had traditionally been inclined to the Democratic Party were going to deflect to the Republican Party.

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    The Maldives’ Tug of War Over India and National Security

    • Rasheeda M. Didi
    • November 21, 2022

    The Maldives has sought to strengthen ties with India, yet the political opposition is seeking to wean the country off this relationship. Will the heated rhetoric have an impact?

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    Is India becoming an Ethnic Democracy?

    One, the socioeconomic agenda may stage a comeback. There is certainly a limit to identity politics, when it does not deliver or when it results in more poverty.

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