Indo-Pacific: Expand The Idea of Security

    The Glasgow conference witnessed small island-nations, facing an existential threat from the climate crisis, asserting themselves. This played a role in pushing countries across the world to commit to a global temperature rise of 1.5 degree Celsius, in keeping with the Paris agreement.

    Britain’s New Swing Voters? A Survey of British Indian Attitudes

    As the demographic weight and political influence of British Indians in the United Kingdom continue to increase, this study provides an empirically robust and analytically nuanced picture of the attitudes of this increasingly important demographic

    Nuclear Peace in South Asia?

    • Michael Krepon, Debak Das, Beenish Pervaiz, Toby Dalton
    • November 17, 2021
    • Live Online

    Please join us for a special event with Michael Krepon on the future arms control from his recently published book, Winning and Losing the Nuclear Peace. He will be joined in conversation by Beenish Pervaiz and Debak Das and Toby Dalton will moderate.

    ‘This govt is of Ram bhakts, and Gita is above the Constitution’—Inside Modi’s India

    The nature of new legislation to promote Hinduism, the extent of which remained very limited, indicates that it was not through lawmaking that the BJP primarily intended to operate: discourse and practices were the preferred means of action in their repertoire, as can be seen in debates about the respect owed to India’s very name.

    How Pulwama Shaped 2019

    If politics is considered a sport, then elections are India’s most cherished pastime. Constructing popular narratives about who won and who lost an electoral contest is an equal opportunity endeavor – pursed by the aam aadmi, voluble neta, and brainy analyst with equal vigor.

    Could a New Agreement Defuse India-China Border Tensions?

    Tensions along the de facto India-China border have long been simmering, but past agreements have failed to permanently lower the heat. Can a new agreement succeed?

    The Decline of Parliament

    "In any democracy, parliaments are the institutions where the two mainstays of democratic culture that Levitsky and Ziblatt mention in their book— “mutual toleration and institutional forbearance”—are supposed to flourish, for the simple reason that the opposition is also represented in these aptly named representative assemblies."

    Caste Quandary

    From the very start, the Hindu nationalist movement has been borne by the upper castes due to the social conservatism it promotes. Indeed, while in theory it aims to abolish the “nation-dividing” caste system, such an ambition does not rule out a strong adherence to Brahminical values and the Hindu traditional social order.

    India Between Solar Energy and Coal: From a “Green Image” to a “Green Façade”?

    What’s more, even if India did meet these objectives, its current policies and actions are only in line with a limitation of global temperatures under the 2°C mark, which stands above the Paris agreement’s 1.5°C goal.

    Who Rallies Around the Flag? Nationalist Parties, National Security, and the 2019 Indian Election

    National security crises often generate a ‘rally-around-the-flag’ effect, especially under nationalist administrations, but the salience of a security crisis varies within a country.

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