Cyber Policy Initiative

To achieve greater stability and civility in cyberspace, the Carnegie Cyber Policy Initiative develops strategies and policies in several key areas and promotes international cooperation and norms by engaging key decisionmakers in governments and industry.

The Cyber Policy Initiative engages in ground-breaking analysis and policy development focusing on key challenges in cyber strategy and stability. We engage high-level decisionmakers and experts, and our scholars regularly comment on the latest cybersecurity policy developments. Sign up to receive updates about our latest research, to read our monthly news round-up, Global Cyber News, and to be invited to our upcoming events.

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Personal Information
Carnegie staff
  • Tim Maurer

    Cyber Policy Initiative
    Senior Fellow
    Technology and International Affairs Program
  • Ariel (Eli) Levite

    Nonresident Senior Fellow
    Nuclear Policy Program
  • Michael Nelson

    Senior Fellow and Director
    Technology and International Affairs Program
  • Jon Bateman

    Cyber Policy Initiative
  • Wyatt Hoffman

    Senior Research Analyst
    Cyber Policy Initiative
  • Li Bin

    Senior Fellow
    Nuclear Policy Program and Asia Program
  • Lyu Jinghua

    Visiting Scholar
    Cyber Policy Initiative
  • Denis McDonough

    Visiting Senior Fellow
    Technology and International Affairs Program
  • George Perkovich

    Ken Olivier and Angela Nomellini Chair
    Vice President for Studies
  • Sinan Ülgen

    Visiting Scholar
    Carnegie Europe
Nonresident scholars

About the Carnegie Silicon Valley Office

Carnegie established its Silicon Valley Office with the recognition that global technology policy ideas require consistent dialogue with those on the forefront of technological development. The team offers a small, agile presence that operates through partnerships and the exchange of ideas with technology stakeholders on the West Coast.

About the Technology and International Affairs Program

The Carnegie Technology and International Affairs Program develops strategies to maximize the positive potential of emerging technologies while reducing risk of large-scale misuse or harm. With Carnegie’s global centers and an office in Silicon Valley, the program collaborates with technologists, corporate leaders, government officials, and scholars globally to understand and prepare for the implications of advances in cyberspace, biotechnology, and artificial intelligence.

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