ICT Supply Chain Protection

The project engages current and former officials in the most advanced cyber states to discuss the potential benefits of agreeing to constrain purposeful manipulations of the ICT supply chain. In parallel, the project, led by Ariel Levite, engages with large technology supplying and procuring companies to motivate them to make related commitments to enhance supply chain integrity.

Additionally, this project encompasses Carnegie’s efforts to engage global policymakers and industry on the issue of vulnerabilities management, led by Katherine Charlet. The project promotes policy recommendations for international action and convenes top officials, business leaders, and experts for dialogues on vulnerabilities equities processes and vulnerability disclosure. 

Carnegie Experts on
ICT Supply Chain Protection

  • expert thumbnail - Levite
    Ariel (Eli) Levite
    Nonresident Senior Fellow
    Nuclear Policy Program
    Cyber Policy Initiative
    Levite was the principal deputy director general for policy at the Israeli Atomic Energy Commission from 2002 to 2007.
  • expert thumbnail - Maurer
    Tim Maurer
    Cyber Policy Initiative
    Senior Fellow
    Technology and International Affairs Program
    Dr. Tim Maurer is director of the Cyber Policy Initiative and a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.
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