Carnegie Non-Proliferation Project
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Pub. Date: September 2003  

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Winner of a Silver Award in film and video production at the 37th Annual WorldFest, Houston International Film Festival. This easy-to-use, interactive DVD features experts and officials explaining the current proliferation threat and offering solutions, illustrated by videos, maps and charts. Two co-authors of Deadly Arsenals also present video tutorials: "Global Proliferation Trends," with Joseph Cirincione and "A Nuclear Primer," with Jon B. Wolfsthal. Ideal for professors, students, policy makers, and citizens who want to understand the threats from terrorism and weapons of mass destruction.

Topics include nuclear terrorism, U.S. nuclear policy, Russia, Iran and North Korea, proliferation challenges of space and bio-technology, and much more.


IAEA Director-General Mohamed ElBaradei Carnegie Endowment President Jessica T. Mathews
U.S. Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham Assistant U.S. Secretary of State John Wolf
Senator Chuck Hagel Ambassador Liu Jieyi of China
Former Senator Sam Nunn National Security Council official Franklin Miller

The Carnegie Non-Proliferation Project
The Carnegie Non-Proliferation Project is the internationally recognized source of data and analysis on nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, and missile delivery systems. Visit for everything you need on these topics—from short issue briefs to in-depth books.

A perfect companion to the DVD, Deadly Arsenals: Tracking Weapons of Mass Destruction is the authoritative resource on the spread of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons and their means of delivery. Purchase a copy of the book and receive the DVD for free. To take advantage of this offer, please place your order for Deadly Arsenals, along with the complimentary copy of The Proliferation Threat, by phone, fax, or mail with the Carnegie Endowment's distributor, The Brookings Institution. Please note: This offer is not available for online orders.

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