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    Out to Torpedo Missile Defense

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    Bush's Straight Talk on China

    The "One China" policy has been slowly but steadily collapsing under the weight of its own contradictions for more than a decade. And how could it not collapse? America's very arcane, very nuanced policy was created in 1979. The world then was so different from today's that it might as well have been 1879.

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    Soldiers Before Missiles: Meeting the Challenge from the World's Streets

    As Kosovo demonstrates (and as Lebanon and Somalia showed more brutally), the most dangerous threats come from the need to occupy areas containing hostile populations; these dangers are even greater when the areas concerned are cities. This is the kind of future warfare on which the U.S. Army should be concentrating its new weapons development, its tactical thinking, and its moral preparation.

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    We Lost

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    How Effective is the MTCR?

    • April 12, 2001
    • Carnegie

    The MTCR is based on a policy, not a treaty. It focuses on ballistic and cruise missiles capable of delivering a 500 kilogram payload to a range of 300 kilometers. Any rockets or unmanned air vehicles with this capability, including space launch vehicles (SLV's), which are "peaceful" versions of long-range missiles, are subject to a strong presumption of export denial.

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    The Surveillance Plane Crisis: Implications and Next Steps for US-China Relations

    • April 12, 2001
    • Washington, D.C.

    Scholars looked at the surveillance plane crisis and talked about the implications and next steps for US-China relations.

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    China's Fragile Mindset

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    National Humiliation

    • Robert Kagan, William Kristol
    • April 09, 2001
    • The Weekly Standard

    Whatever risks may accompany a policy of containment, the risks of weakness are infinitely greater. China hands both inside and outside the administration will argue that this crisis needs to be put behind us so that the U.S.-China relationship can return to normal. It is past time for everyone to wake up to the fact that the Chinese behavior we have seen this past week is normal.

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    North Korea: Hard Line is Not the Best Line

    U.S.-South Korean relations will be put to the test this week as South Korean President Kim Dae-Jung visits Washington. Kim’s recent summit with Russian President Putin produced a joint statement effectively opposing U.S. plans to deploy national missile defenses, complicating President Bush’s first foray into East Asian security affairs.

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    Crossing National Borders: Introduction

    • March 02, 2001

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