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    Palestinian Presidential Elections

    A presidential election in Palestine will not take place until Fatah and Hamas reach consensus—and Israel permits it—resulting in a deadlock with no clear path toward political reconciliation. In a question and answer guide, Nathan Brown offers an analysis of Palestinian law and the core disagreements between the Palestinian factions that cast doubt on President Mahmud Abbas’s political future.

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    Failure of Leadership in Iran

    Iran's recent missile tests have heightened speculation that the U.S. or Israeli will mount a military operation against it. Carnegie's Karim Sadjadpour appeared on PBS' Foreign Exchange to argue that the likelihood of such an attack is slim.

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    Iran's Missile Tests

    Iran’s tests of long-range missiles this week deepens already strained tensions with the U.S. and Israel. Karim Sadjapour explains to the BBC’s Newshour that Iran is signaling it will not modify its behavior under pressure from the international community.

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    Lebanon's New Status Quo

    Lebanon is not likely to know real stability until the Lebanese state is able to integrate or dominate non-state militias, and until some of the raging confrontations in Lebanon’s immediate environment are calmed.

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    Hope in the Levant

    The simultaneous announcement of an agreement between government and opposition in Lebanon and of the start of indirect talks between Israel and Syria in Turkey might be the best news to come out of that troubled region for a long time. While the United States favored neither position, these two developments may have a positive influence on the region.

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    Syrian/Israeli Peace Talks and Political Deal in Lebanon: Teleconference with Carnegie Experts

    With recent news of a political agreement for Lebanon and Syrian-Israeli peace talks, Carnegie Middle East experts Marina Ottaway and Paul Salem provide a briefing on the latest developments in the region.

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    Lebanon and the Middle East Peace Process: Teleconference with Carnegie Experts

    Carnegie Middle East experts provide a briefing on the situation in Lebanon and the Middle East Peace Process.

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    Sunset for the Two-State Solution

    Former Palestinian negotiator Ghaith al-Omari and Carnegie Middle East expert Nathan J. Brown discussed Brown’s new report “Sunset for the Two-State Solution?” in which he argues that the current U.S. approach to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict actually further undermines the chances for a two-state solution.

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    Sunset for the Two-State Solution?

    The Bush administration is using its final months to try to gain agreement on a two-state solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict—but much of the framework supporting such an agreeement has collapsed. The next president will face a series of bleak choices, of which a two-state solution remains the most attractive.

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    Symposium on Nuclear Nonproliferation and Global Politics

    Symposium on Nuclear Nonproliferation held at Rowan University on April 11, 2008.
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