• Event

    Assessment of the Missile Threats to Israel, the Implications and Responses

    • March 13, 2001

    Briefing by Uzi Rubin, Senior Director for Proliferation and Technology, Israel's National Security Council

    • Event

    In the Beginning: The Development of Israel's Nuclear Strategy

    Presentation by Dr. Avner Cohen, part of the History of the Nuclear Age series

    • Commentary

    Lessons from the Debacle

    The way out of the Israeli-Palestinian impasse may be two sets of unilateral steps: a unilateral Israeli withdrawal from most of the Palestinian territories still under its control, coupled with both consolidation to most of the larger and contiguous Israeli settlements and abandonment of the smaller and isolated ones–and, on the Palestinian side, a unilateral declaration of independence.

    • Event

    193 Days of Putin

    Senior Associates Anatol Lieven and Martha Brill Olcott and Visiting Scholar Shlomo Avineri discuss Russia and the security challenges from the south.

    • Commentary

    Letter to Edward Said

    In light of the failed Oslo Peace Accords and other events that have transpired since, Edward Said's support for an Israeli unilateral withdrawal from Palestinian territories, rather than reaching a Israeli-Palestinian rapprochement, was not only pragmatic, but it was right.

    • Commentary

    Price of a Cold Peace

    Mending the sad state of relations between Israel, Palestinians, and Arab countries is not merely an issue of peace-making, but rather of reconciliation. And this simply cannot be achieved without addressing the deep-rooted feelings of hatred which have become socially ingrained over the years.

    • Research

    Assessing Arab Anger

    At the ongoing NPT review conference, Arab states have strongly expressed their resentment over Israel's barely concealed nuclear arsenal, and have signaled their displeasure at the "discriminatory" approach of the United States towards nuclear weapons in the Middle East.

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