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    Lebanon’s President Has Leverage But His Alliance With Hezbollah Isn't Over

    If Hezbollah’s critics should do anything, it is to collectively support Mr Aoun’s calls for a dialogue over a national defence strategy, and insist it begin as soon as possible. Hezbollah made it clear after the president’s speech that now was not the time to discuss this.

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    Lebanon In Crisis

    • Kim Ghattas
    • December 22, 2021
    • Connect the World (CNN International)

    Local Lebanese politicians are incapable or unwilling to come together to reform the country, to reform its institutions, to reform its politics and its economy. But I would put it in bigger terms and say that they're unwilling to do anything that would undermine their own grip on power

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    Hezbollah’s Inability to remove a judge has Lebanon in a standstill

    For weeks now, Lebanon’s cabinet has failed to meet, showing once again how politics remains far more important to the country’s leaders than urgent economic revitalization.

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    Enemies of the Good

    France’s intervention in Lebanon has not been without error, but its rejection of maximalism is a blessing.

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    A Jihadi Resurrection?

    An Islamic State revival in Lebanon would come at the worst time for the military and security institutions.

    • Diwan

    State of Terror

    • Rayyan Al-Shawaf
    • November 30, 2021

    In an interview, Rémi Brulin discusses the term “terrorism,” and looks back at an Israeli bombing campaign in Lebanon.

    • Diwan

    Is the Son Setting?

    Saad al-Hariri may not run in Lebanon’s next elections, but writing him off may be hasty.

    • Diwan

    Open Invitations

    By encouraging outside powers to have a stake in Lebanon, Hezbollah’s foes may create spaces to contain Iran.

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    Lebanon’s Daily Star Paper Should Not Have Ended With A Whimper

    Beyond the Star, however, what we are witnessing today is the demise of Lebanon as a media centre for the Middle East. This venerable legacy was unsustainable for a variety of reasons, not least the fact that newspapers no longer command the audiences they once did.

    • Diwan

    The Politics of Perdition

    Hezbollah may be creating instability in Lebanon in order to postpone the parliamentary elections next year.

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