• Sada - Analysis

    The Cost of Syrian Refugees

    Economic and demographic strains from the Syrian refugee crisis are impacting Jordan’s own domestic balance of power.

    • Research

    Helping Jordan Weather the Syrian Storm

    Embroiled in the spillover from the Syrian conflict, Jordan faces an enormous challenge. The country must focus on political and economic reforms, and needs outside help, too.

    • Sada - Analysis

    Failing Civics

    As Jordan strives to build a university system in line with its ambitious economic goals, tribal violence on campus remains a stumbling block.

    • Commentary

    Obama in the Middle East

    The longer Washington puts forward half measures on the peace process, the more damage is done to its interests and reputation in the Arab world.

    • Commentary

    Freedom and Bread Go Together

    Economic reforms cannot succeed in isolation, but must go hand in hand with political transitions. They must benefit all segments of society and have buy-in from everyone.

    • Research

    Reform in Jordan: After the Vote

    Despite parliamentary elections, the way Jordan is governed is unsustainable in the post–Arab Awakening moment. Jordanians want the king to lead a genuine reform effort.

    • Sada - Analysis

    Disquiet on the Jordanian Front

    • David Fox, Katrina Sammour
    • September 27, 2012

    Emerging segments of the Jordanian opposition are becoming more vocal and boldly demanding change.

    • Multimedia

    Syrian Refugees Flood Into Neighboring Jordan

    Refugees are pouring into neighboring countries to avoid the chaotic violence in Syria. Jordan is taking a large number of these refugees and straining its budget at a time of political instability.

    • Commentary

    In Jordan, There’s a Perception of Legitimacy

    If reform from above has any real chance to succeed in the Arab world, it would be in Jordan. But it will require a dramatic shift of priorities by a system that has been so far resilient to serious change.

    • Sada - Analysis

    Jordan’s Ongoing Election Law Battle

    As the standoff over Jordan’s new electoral law continues, what is at stake?

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